Radio stations in Thailand

Visit the page for the province to find a list of FM and mediumwave radio stations, with details of frequencies, powers, transmitter locations, addresses and phone and fax numbers. For Thai FM stations, check the national list of FM stations in frequency order. Schedules are also available for external services Radio Saranrom and Radio Thailand World Service, intended for reception outside Thailand.

The address shown is usually the administrative address of the local station. This is usually the same as the studio and transmitter location, but exceptions are noted whenever known. Outside Bangkok, each province is divided into a number of districts (amphoe), one of which, called Muang District (Amphoe Muang), contains the provincial capital. In turn, districts are divided into tambons (sometimes 'tambon' is translated as 'village').

Thailand map

A larger map of Thailand showing provinces is also available (about 190 kB).