Radio Stations in Eastern Samar Province, Philippines

ON THIS PAGE: Radio stations, frequencies and contact details for Eastern Samar, Philippines.

Times are shown in UTC (GMT). Local time in Eastern Samar is UTC + 8 hours.

Name Address Notes
Mediumwave / AM radio stations in Eastern Samar (frequencies in kHz)
657 kHz
1 kW
DYES-AM / Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS / Radio ng Bayan)
Capitol Compound
6800 Samar
Tel: +63 55 330 1015
1386 kHz
5 kW
DYVW-AM / Catholic Media Network (CMN)
Clergy House
Baybay Boulevard
6800 Eastern Samar
Tel: +63 55 330 1076
FM radio stations in Eastern Samar (frequencies in MHz)
103.7 MHz
0.5 kW
DYSG-FM / Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) "Radyo Natin"
Eastern Samar
104.1 MHz
0.5 kW
DYSD-FM / Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) "Radyo Natin"
Eastern Samar
104.1 MHz
10 kW
DYSH-FM / Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) "Radyo Natin"
Eastern Samar

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