Myanmar: Radio Stations in Myanmar (Burma)

Times are shown in UTC (GMT).
Local time in Myanmar (Burma) UTC + 6 hours.
Local time in Western Indonesia is UTC + 7 hours.

The main language used in Myanmar is Burmese (Bamar) but radio stations also broadcast in English and local languages.

Note: Yangon is now the official name in English for Rangoon.

An additional programme of Myanma Radio has been operating since late 2007 on 594 kHz and also in local mornings on 5986v kHz. Further details are not yet known.

Radio broadasting stations in Myanmar by Location and Frequency

Location Frequency Station Notes
Nya Pyi Daw 594 kHz Myanma Radio ?2300-0230 (Sat/Sun-0730), 0330-0730, 0930-1600
Transmitter location as presumed.
?Taungyi 5770 kHz Defence Forces Broadcasting Station 0130-0430, 0630-0930, 1330-1630
Power: 10 kW
ex-6570 kHz
Yangon 576v kHz Myanma Radio National Service 2300v-2400v, 0030-0230, 0330-0830 (Sat/Sun 0030-0830), 0930-1600. Carries separate programme 0030-0230, and at other times relays 594 kHz.
*4725 kHz Myanma Radio Minorities Service ?0930-1230
Currently INACTIVE
5040.6v kHz kHz Myanma Radio Minorities Service / Distance Learning Programmes 0930-1330/1530v (currently INACTIVE)
5986v kHz Myanma Radio (transmitter location not confirmed) ?2300-0130
5986 kHz Myanma Radio National Service 0930-1600
7185 kHz Myanma Radio National Service 0030-0230 (Sat/Sun 0030-0300)
9731v kHz Myanma Radio National Service 0330-1500v (Sat/Sun 0245v-1500v) (Relays 594 kHz until 0730, then carries Minorities Service / Distance Learning Programmes)
89.0 MHz City FM 0030-1430
Operated by the Public Relations and Information Department of Yangon City Development Committee
Listed frequency, not yet confirmed.
104.0 MHz Myanmar Radio National Service Times as 576 kHz

Myanmar Radio National Service is in Myanma (Burmese), except English 0700-0730, 1530-1600.

Mediumwave 576 kHz transmitter site and shortwave transmitter site iss Yaegu [Yegu] near Yangon. Power of the Yaegu shortwave transmitters is 50 kW.

Myawaddy Broadcasting Station, operated by the Department of Public Relations and Psyschological Warfare of the Ministry of Defence and located at Hmawbi near Yangon, has not been heard on 5973 kHz since 1999 following lightning damage. The listed mediumwave frequency, 1440 kHz, is probably also inactive.


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Myanma Television & Radio Department
426 Pyay Road
Tel: +95 1 531850


Public Relations and Information Department
Yangon City Development Council
City Hall
Sule Pagoda Road
Tel: +95 1 204052 Ext 267
Fax: +95 1 246016


Shan State


P.O. Bok 6720
St Olavs Plass
N-0130 Oslo
Tel: +47 22868486
Fax: +47 22868471

DVB is based and licensed in Norway and is operated by the "National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma". Programmes are in Burmese, Arakan, Chin, Karen, Karenni, Kayan, Kachin, Mon and Shan.

Shortwave schedule for B08 Season (from late Oct 2008):
2330-0030 UTC: 5955 kHz (via Wertachtal, Germany, 125 kW 75°)
1300-1400 UTC: 11880 kHz (via T8WH, Palau)
1430-1530 UTC: 9415 (via Yerevan, Armenia, 300 kW 100°) & 17495 kHz (via Talata Volonondry, Madagascar, 250 kW 55°)

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