Television Stations in Macau [Macao], China

Analogue transmission is 625 lines System I (UHF channels 21-69), PAL colour.

Teledifusão de Macau SARL (TDM)

Avenida Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues No 223-225
Edificio "Nam Kwong" 7 Andar
Tel: +853 520204/6
Fax: +852 520208
Main transmitters (Monte da Guia, 0.2 kW TRP, horizontal polarisation):
Portuguese Channel: ch E30
Chinese Channel: ch E32
The following low-power relays are permitted, all with horizontal polarisation, but some may not yet be in operation:
Edificio Caravela: ch E60, 0.01 kW TRP
Edificio Orquídea: ch E30 & E32, 0.01 kW TRP
Torre das FSM na Taipa: ch E49 & E55, 0.03 kW TRP
Torre das FSM em Coloane: ch E47, 0.01 kW TRP

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