Radio Stations in Magetan, East Java, Indonesia

Times on this website are shown in UTC (GMT). Local time in Magetan is UTC + 7 hours.
Name Address Notes
FM radio stations in Magetan (frequencies in MHz)
90.6 MHz Radio Swara Sarangan Indah FM (Rasi FM / PM6FPS)
Jalan Letjen M.T. Haryono 113
Jawa Timur [East Java]
Tel/Fax: +62 351 896137
97.3 MHz Radio Mitra Caraka Informasi Beragam (Mitra FM / PM6FUN)
Jalan Teuku Umar 78
Jawa Timur [East Java]
Tel: +62 351 495569
104.9 MHz RKPDKDT2 Magetan (Radio Magetan Indah)
Jalan Basukhi Rakhmat Timur
Jawa Timur [East Java]

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