TV Stations in Hong Kong [Hongkong], China

Analogue transmission is 625 lines System I (UHF channels 21-69), PAL colour.

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)

TVB City
77 Chun Choi Street
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
Tseung Kwan O [Junk Bay]
Tel: +852 2335 9123
Fax: +852 2358 1300

Operates Jade Channel (Feicui Tai {翡翠台} in Chinese) and Pearl Channel (English).

Asia Television Limited (ATV)

81 Broadcast Drive
Tel: +852 2992 8888
Fax: +852 2338 0438

Operates Home Channel (Ben Gang Tai {本港台} in Chinese) and World Channel (English)

TVB and ATV are required to carry educational and public-service programmes produced by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) at certain times.

Transmitter location Areas Served TVB Jade TVB Pearl ATV Home ATV World Power (kW ERP) Pol
Aberdeen (Ap Lei Chau) E49 E51 E53 E55 0.01 kW V
Beacon Hill Sha Tin E48 E50 E52 E54 0.002 kW V
Brick Hill E33+ E39+ E43+ E45+ 0.1 kW H
Caldecott Road Piper's Hill E49+ E51+ E53+ E55+ 0.1 kW H
Castle Peak Tuen Mun, Yuen Long & Lantau west E34+ E38+ E42+ E44+ 1 kW H
Chai Wan E48+ E50+ E52+ E54+ 0.1 kW H
Cha Kwo Ling (LU Plaza) E36++++ E60++++ E41++++ E57++++ 0.001 kW V
Cheung Chau E32 E60 E26 E56 0.02 kW V
Chiu Keng Wan Shan E49 E51 E53 E55 0.0005 kW H
Cloudy Hill Tai Po, Fan Ling & Yuen Long E49 E51 E53 E55 1 kW H
Fu Tei (Block 9, Fu Tei Estate) Fuk Hang Tsuen, Fu Tei, Tuen Mun E22+ E26+ E24+ E48+ 0.001 kW V
Golden Hill Tsuen Wan E33 E39 E43 E45 1 kW H
Hang Hau Village (Fu Ning Garden, Tseung Kwan O) Hang Hau Village, Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung E26--- E58--- E24--- E56--- 0.0003 kW V
Hill E275   E48 E50 E52 E54 0.01 kW V
Hong Lok Yuen E33 E39 E43 E45 0.0001 kW H
Kau Wah Keng   E28+++ E58+++ E22+++ E56+++ 0.001 kW V
Kowloon Peak Kowloon, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong Island east E34- E38- E42- E44- 1 kW H
Lam Tei   E32- - E43- - 0.0001 kW V
Lamma Island Lamma Island & Hong Kong Island south E49- E51- E53- E55- 1.5 kW V
Ma Wan Cultural & Recreational Centre E58 E26 E60 E41 0.0005 kW H
Mount Nicholson Jardine's Lookout E48- E50- E52- E54- 0.1 kW V
Pan Chung Tsuen (Tai Po Complex) E28 E40 E48 E58 0.04 kW V
Piper's Hill E49+ E51+ E53+ E55+ 0.1 kW H
Pokfulam Pokfulam E33 - E39 - 0.00025 kW V
Pottinger Peak E33+ E39+ E43+ E45+ 0.1 kW H
Robin's Nest E48 E50 E52 E54 0.1 kW V
Sha Tin (Royal Ascot) E33 E39 E43 E45 0.001 kW V
Sham Tseng E41 E60 E26 E57 0.0005 kW V
Sha Tau Kok School E49 E51 E53 E55 0.001 kW H
Shek Kong E49- E51- E53- E55- 0.002 kW V
Shek Pik E34 E38 E42 E44 0.001 kW V
Sheung Yeung Shan E48++ E50++ E52++ E54++ 0.006 kW V
Stanley Stanley E34 E38 E42 E44 0.1 kW H
Tai Lam Chung (Hill 141) E48+ E50+ E52+ E54+ 0.002 kW V
Tai O E33- E39- E43- E45- 0.007 kW V
Tai Pak Tin Village E51 E55 E49 E53 0.002 kW V
Tai Po Tsai E49- E51- E53- E55- 0.0005 kW V
Temple Hill E21 E25 E23 E27 10 kW H
Tin Liu Village (Ma Wan) E29 E59 E31 E61 0.001 kW V
Tseung Kwan O Villages (Fai Lam House, Tsui Lam Estate) Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung E22 E26 E24 E48 0.0003 kW V
Tsing Yi (Hang Chui House, Cheung Hang Estate, Tsing Yi) Chung Mei Lo Uk Village, Tai Wong Ha Village, San Uk Village, Yim Tin Kok Village & Lam Tin Village, Tsing Yi E57 E24 E60 E30 0.001 kW V
Tsuen Wan (Block One, Waterside Plaza, Tsuen Wan) Yeung Uk Road, Yi Pei Square, Chuen Lung Street & Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan E26 E57 E41 E60 0.001 kW V
Tuen Mun (Sun Yuen Long Centre) E33 - E41 - 0.0003 kW V
Tuen Mun Villages (Four Pearls Building) San Hui Village, San Wai Chai Tsuen and Leung Tin Village, Tuen Mun E39+++ E50+++ E45+++ E52+++ 0.0004 kW V
Tui Min Hoi Sai Kung E24 E30 E26 E57 0.002 kW V
Tung Chung Villages (Yung Yat House, Yat Hung Estate, Tung Chung) Tung Chung Villages (Ma Wan New Villages, Sheung Ling Pei & Wong Ka Wai) E45+++ E52+++ E26+++ E50+++ 0.001 kW V
Wang Chau E49 E51 E53 E55 0.0001 kW H
Ying Pun Ying Pun North E39--- E45--- E26--- E33--- 0.004 kW V
Yuen Long (Hill E297) E48- E50- E52- E54- 0.002 kW H
Yuen Long (Hill E374) E22 E30 E24 E32 0.05 kW V
Yuen Long (On Lok Road) E34 E38 E42 E44 0.0003 kW V
Yuen Long (Tai Kiu Tsuen) E49 E51 E53 E55 0.01 kW V
Yuen Long Town Centre (Flourish Food Manufacturing Centre) Yuen Long Town Centre E45 - E43 - 0.003 kW V
Yuen Long (Yoho Town) E26 E33 E39 E45 0.0003 kW V
YWCA Building, E33C Bonham Road Western & Central District, HK Island E26+ E57+ E32+ E60+ 0.005 kW V

Transmitters on channel numbers marked +, ++, +++, ++++ are offset 5/3, 1/12, 6/12 and 2/12 of line frequency above nominal frequency respectively

Transmitters on channel numbers marked -, --- are offset 5/3 and 6/12 of line frequency below nominal frequency respectively

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